Cyber-security Policy Discussion

at least 75 words per question 1. Describe the characteristics of a cybersecurity policy. Who would create this policy? who would be affected by it? 2. Explain hoy cybersecurity policies can help reduce the threats to an organization. Which threats are the hardest to protect against when dealing with assets. 3. How does a IS or cybersecurity policy differ from a traditional organization policy? 4. Explain the characteristics of a successful cybersecurity policy. what needs to be in place during the creation to help with the success? 5. How should the the IS or cybersecurity policy align with the corporate culture and strategy? what is an example of an instance when a policy should not align with the mission and goals? what is an example of a policy that aligns the missions and goals? 6. Discuss how stakeholders and departments can be involved during the cybersecurity policy life cycle

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