Cybersecurity Industry

Brute force attacks rank amongst the most common types of attacks in the cybersecurity industry. This is due to the nature of the attacks being so simple to initiate; anyone with a Kali Linux installation and a bit more command line knowledge can initiate a brute force attack on any suspected target of which they know the origin or address. This brings up the question of the implicit moral standing of the Kali Linux distribution. While it is an excellent tool, there has been no concerted effort to ensure that the distribution is only given to those that need it for testing purposes or security hardening. With that said, explain your point of view in reference to whether or not you feel the free distribution of Kali Linux aligns with your moral reasoning. While much of the cybersecurity depends on the distribution for hardening their defenses, many in the criminal underground sects have taken advantage of this easily obtained hacking tool and committed many cybercrimes as a result.Reference

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