Data Collection and Analysis

Final Project and Presentation details: Students will perform data collection and analysis on a topic of their choice, with the goal of establishing a linear correlation. Often times this portion of the project is more art than science since many experiments do not turn out a linear dependence. Students must submit a project summary by July 31st, 2020 so that the instructor may modify it or make suggestions. The data should be collected, along with statistical errors on the measurements. Students will then perform a linear regression on the data, and attempt to make a sound statistical prediction using the regression. The final presentation should be 7-12 slides in PDF or PowerPoint format, which will be presented remotely to the class via Zoom in the final week of class. In addition to the technical correctness of the conclusions, students will be assessed on the clarity of the presentation. As such, the instructor will provide practice sessions, training, and advice on the presentation of the topic by appointment with the students.

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