Data of the Research Context

Now examine the secondary data you have on your firm from SLP 2 or add more to the data as needed. Look at the sample and review the Excel book and particularly the one on Exponential Smoothing. Calculate some descriptive statistics for your data and prepare some forecast charts. Remember the Forecast Sheet tool on the upper toolbar next to What If Analysis. Produce a spreadsheet with associated graphs; also provide a page or two to discuss this data analysis and the conclusions you have drawn. Add this to the growing work you have on the Background for the firm you are studying. The research project I am doing for my DSP is: The negative effects of mishandling customer complaints in the food industry. Organization chosen is: Waffle House I have uploaded the previous excel spreadsheet (Module 2 SLP) mentioned in this assignment (if you need to use some of that information on the new spreadsheet), along with the example of the new spreadsheet to be done as suggested in the assignment details above.

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