Death Penalty and Violent Crimes

Develop an 8-page argumentative research paper on a topic that you have chosen. In addition to a counterargument and rebuttal/refutation, the paper must include definitions of key terms, causal analysis, and a proposal for resolution of the problem(s) associated with your topic. (10 pages / 2,500+) ALSO: Research Paper Annotated Bibliography – Produce a summary and evaluation (so 1 five-sentence paragraph for each source) of at least six sources (at least three of them scholarly) that will play a major role in your research paper. (1000-1,200 words) Annotated Bibliography of all of your Research Paper Sources is required. The total amount of pages including annotated bibliography: 14 (8 for the essay, and 6 for the individual annotated sources) Topic for the paper: Should the death penalty be used to punish violent criminals?

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