Decision Making

The paper should be 4 parts step by step follow logic. The paper is personal reflection paper.  APA 7.  Finial grade at range of B to B+ part one: Clearly define your ethical dilemma to include both sides of the dilemma.  Look clearly at both sides of the dilemma – both the positive and negative points of each side of the dilemma. Part one about 2 pages part two: Consider the rational decision model (Organizational Behavior, Making Decisions article).  How is this different than the Creative decision model?   Describe how dialogue, inquiry and advocacy, and the hidden traps will impact the decision.    Part two about 2 pages part three: Consider the ethical theories that will impact your decision process.  Examine how each of  these three ethical theories will be considered in making this decision:  Duty, Consequentialism, and Cultural Relativism.  Define each of these ethical theories                                            Choose one to describe the application in detail.   Explain how it will impact the decision.   For instance, if you choose to do an in-depth analysis of consequentialism, you will need to describe Utilitarianism, Egoism, and Altruism.   Part three about 2 pages Part four: Make a decision on your ethical dilemma.  Describe the decision model, and the supporting processes such as dialogue, that you believe best applies to your decision.   How does this decision compare to the decision making lessons you discussed in Part 1 of the assignment? Describe the ethical theory that you will follow and why.    Describe what you have learned through this decision-making process. part four 1 page

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