Decision Making in Trial

Use the Supreme Court decision making from the oral argument stage of the process. The session begins with Erwin Chemerinsky arguing on behalf of Van Orden, who is challenging the validity of the Ten Commandments monument. At about the 25:57 mark Greg Abbot presents Texas’ position supporting the monument. At about 46:15 the Solicitor General of the United States, Paul Clement, as amicus curiae, presents the Bush administrations position on the issue. Toward the end Chemerinsky completes the balance of his time, about 4 minutes. You comments should include points made by Chemerinsky, Abbot and Clement.Focus on specific questions from the justices that you find interesting. What were the replies given by the lawyers? Again, details are important.The link is below. Chapter 12 and 13 for paper was well.Chapter 12: Decision Making by Trial Court JudgesChapter 13: Decision Making in Collegial CourtChapter 12,13 are in the upload files

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