: Define and describe SaaS.

Discussion Topic: Define and describe SaaS.If you have personal experiences, please include those in your response. You must provide references in your responses and document according to APA formatting requirements. Please select Reply to this initial response to discuss how cloud computing has changed how companies budget for software solutions.Writing Assignment:For week 2, you will write a paper on SaaS. The following are the items to discuss in the paper: Define and describe SaaS List the benefits of SaaS.Describe the potential disadvantages of SaaSDescribe how a cloud-based database management system differs from an on-site databaseList the computing resources normally provided with SaaS.Paper requirements:Minimum 1400 words (excluding title page, table of contents, and references pages)Minimum of 5 referencesFormat your paper consistent with APA guidelinesReminder: Late work is not accepted.Please let me know if you have any questions.

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