Dehydration of Cyclohexanol

This is a summary of the results and a discussion of how the results met (or not not) meet the objectives of the experiment.  You do not need to give a detailed/lenghty account of the procedure in this experiment.  As you write this section, make sure your text meets the following criteria.  Summary of results is presented clearly. Unexpected events or problems are identified and explained Conclusions derived results are presented and are explained in terms of scientific concepts related to the lab.  Success of meeting objectives is discussed. If there are additional questions about hte experiment and its results that need to be discussed, they will be included with any data you are provided.  You TA may communicate any other expectations about your results and discussion report. The text that is entered into this section will be graded.  However, an identical copy of the text you enter into this section must also be submitted as a word file to Turnitin on eCampus.  Download the report generated by Turnitin for your Results and Discussion and attach it into the next section of this notebook.  Data for lab Preweighed Conical Vial (g)  = 24.038 Conical Vial and Crude Product (g) =24.837

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