Delivering Value in the Air Transportation System

Analyze the air transport system as you work to answer the following topics in essay format: Topics to Include At a minimum your report should include the following topics: What is the general environment in the global airline industry driving delivery channel decisions? What factors led to the success of major metro areas to maintain their secondary and reliever airports? Given these projections in traffic growth and the existing air traffic delays at many of the most important hubs in the United States, do reliever airports provide an opportunity to ameliorate congestion and expand/enhance commercial operations in the United States? Research reflects various positive aspects of having a strong regional airport system. What are some of the negative aspects? Paper Requirements: Written in essay format with at least three sections, a 150 word introduction, body content containing subject headings, and wrap-up or summary. Include a title page with your name, course, assignment number, and title. Use current APA (Links to an external site.) in-text citations and include a reference page at the end. A minimum of 4 pages, double-spaced (not including the title or reference pages). Uploaded as a document, answers typed into the student comment box will not be accepted.

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