DELL Corporation

I have been assigned an Oral Presentation for Accounting. DELL CORPORATION has been assigned to me. FOCUS ONLY on DELL!!! File attachments from the book, his uploaded document outlines and video examples will uploaded. I have attached an email my professor sent us on what he expects. With this presentation being Oral. I need the outline he provided to be filled out exactly how he wants it (1st Page) The 2nd page will be information about DELL company I can discuss for my video speech. (5 MINUTES LONG) I have to present due to Covid -19. Below I have attached video links of past submissions other students have submitted. You will need to discuss and address ONE company only which is DELL. THIS VIDEO IS MY GRADE PLEASE DISCUSS SAME TOPICS AS THESE VIDEOS. Examples to view: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Page 1: The outline must contain each relevant heading similar to the example outline provided in the class site. If information does not exist, there is no need to include it on the outline. The outline must not contain any figures because I will write those items on the outline as I watch each video submitted and then check them for accuracy. An outline is like a “trailer” for a motion picture, and should not include all the information of the company which is presented. Page 2: The oral presentation is based on the largest portion of 2018 financial information available for each company since not every company uses a calendar year as its fiscal year. If your company has a fiscal year end of March 31, and you look at the 2018 annual report, it would include a majority of 2017 information since only January – March of 2018 would be reported. Therefore, you would need to pull the 2019 annual report and use the financial data from it to meet the requirements of the presentation. Lastly, each company’s class of stock is printed on the Form 10-K submitted to the Securities and Exchange Company, which should have been your starting point for the presentation. In the attached image for the 2018 10-K for Autozone, you will notice only one class of stock listed. This is the type of information to be used in your presentation. If there is more than one stock class listed, you must determine the closing stock price for each class provided as well as the 52-week high and low. Failure to include any of the relevant information will result in appropriate reductions from the overall presentation grade. The overview will require students to complete each step from CP 13-6 found on page 623 of the textbook as well as two more details found in the selected company’s annual report that provides 2018 information***. The additional two details will require students to (1) indicate the manner of presenting the statement of cash flows (direct method or indirect method), and (2) identify at least one contingent liability for the selected company from the notes to the financial statements. Every company on the Fortune 500 list has contingent liabilities and the statement of cash flows is a required financial statement according to GAAP. THE MARKET PRICE FOR DELL SHOULD BE OBTAINED USING THE CLOSNG STOCK PRICE FOR JUNE 29, 2020!!!!! *** NOTE: Since not all companies have a calendar year end, each student will need to look at the Form 10K as filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission to determine the fiscal year end, and prepare the oral presentation for the year that includes the majority of 2018 figures. For example, if Company XYZ has a fiscal year end of March 31, a student would not use the annual report files in 2018 because it would only include three months of 2018 data. Therefore, the 2019 annual report must be used as the basis for the oral presentation.

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