Assignment #1 DTM  Directions: Make sure that you type your responses and upload them to Blackboard by the due date. PROBLEM #1 (10 points)  You learned about the Demographic Transition Model (DTM) and Epidemiological Transition Model (ETM).  1. Pick one of the models and explain the stages in your own words.  2. In your explanation for each stage, identify a country as an example and include details about its fertility and mortality, health, or economic background that you have learned through films for this class, textbooks, or other reading materials.  Your response should be about 400 words and have in-text citations for the reading material. PROBLEM #2 (5 points)  What are some demographic, political, and economic characteristics of LDCs versus MDCs?  1. Provide specific examples of a country or countries to compare and contrast. 2. Finally, determine if the country you chose for your country project is an LDC or MDC using the World Population Data sheet, and/or reading materials for this course. You can do online research and cite from credible sources as well. Make sure you include the webpage links at the bottom of your response. (About 250 words.)

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