1. TopicDepression should be considered the most severe disease of the 21st century2. What is your thesis? Depression is the most severe disease of the 21st century. It has gone for years as a globally under-recognized and neglected disorder that has a severe impact on society.3. What is the counterargument to your position?”Is depression really the MOST severe disease of the 21st century? More than cancer, for example, or a killer virus such as COVID 19 ?” Some people would say no, it is not.4.Include a rebuttal to that opposing view that you can include in paper1.Argumentative Essay2. Essay must include a Works Cited page3. Essay must follow MLA format4. Word length: 750 – 1000 words plus a Works Cited page.5. A minimum of three reputable sources in your Works Cited page.6. Written in the more formal academic tone, as in “The debate surrounding violence in our cities…” Only if you have a relevant anecdote that could add important material to your argument should you then switch to the “I” (first person) voice so that you can incorporate your experience. Don’t use “this author believes” when referring to you; that’s too old fashioned.7. Run your paper through the Word Spellchecker.8. Paper must be submitted as a Word document.*Cited Work page must be included

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