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Identify approximately eight to ten specific exercises that will help your clients meet the functional goals you have identified.  These exercises should take a total of 20 minutes to complete.  Prepare two variations for each exercise, including an easier and a harder variation.  Explain your rationale for each exercise.  These exercises will make up the main part of your class.  You may use instructor recommended texts, websites, your own websites (evaluate their credibility using the credibility checklist), or other resources to help identify appropriate exercises. FUNCTIONAL GOALS – Improved upper body tasks such as dressing and bathing, AND decreased fear of falling 1.     Identify at least eight (hard intense) appropriate exercises that address the stated functional goals. 2.     Provide a reasonable rationale for each exercise. 3.     Describe an easier variation for each exercise. 4.     Design a (5 min) warm-up that will prepare the clients for the exercises in the main part of the class.

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