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for this assignment you will be working on the thesis of the AP, which the prompt and the guide of making a thesis is in the files. Also you will be annotating 3 new sources for the AP. The topic of the AP is the same as the CP, but approaching it in a different way. Also i will put the 2 annotated bibliography that was done by others last week in the files too. Below are details of this assignment. Instructions: In one MS Word file, submit both your working thesis statement and an expanded annotated bibliography.  Tip: You may want to complete your three new annotations before you finalize your working thesis. The Working Thesis: In a succinct but detailed paragraph, sketch out your working thesis statement for the Advocacy Project. Keep the two main objectives of the Advocacy Project Prompt in mind: introduce and evaluate one or more significant efforts to address the problem you described in your CP; and then develop an argument about which of the efforts to address the problem work best, explain why, and offer possible next steps; OR make the case that none of the efforts to address the problem works, explain why, and offer possible next steps. Unlike the CP, an expository essay that asks you to use your research to describe the problem, the AP requires you to stake out a clear position in a thesis statement that you must defend through deeply engaged research. In your working thesis, present your argument as it stands right now. What possible solutions are you considering to respond to your problem? Which one are you arguing for, and why? (Consider bringing in the argumentative strategies of causation, coverage, cost/benefit, feasibility, and comparison), as well as concepts from Méndez’s Climate Change from the Streets, including the idea of a multi-scalar approach. If you are arguing that none of the efforts work, use the same argumentative strategies to explain why. If you’re still unsure of what effort you might argue for, use your working thesis to begin to lay out the pros and cons of the various solutions you’ve uncovered so far.    Expanded Annotated Bibliography: Following your working thesis, present your annotated bibliography. Your annotated bibliography should include the two annotations you created last week on local or community-based approaches, plus three new source annotations. You should have five annotations in total. Organize these annotations in alphabetical order by author’s last name. You are welcome to edit/expand the annotations you submitted last week, as desired.  These three additional annotations can focus on sources you used in the CP, but they must not be sources you’ve already annotated this quarter.

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