Developing an Investigation Plan

Assignment 3: Developing an Investigation PlanDue Week 7 and worth 120 pointsRead the case below and complete this assignment.A  child was playing in a local park with his brother. A car pulled up as  they were leaving the playground. A man inside the car motioned for the  two (2) boys to come over. The man asked the two (2) boys where the  nearest convenience store was located. He then stated that he was not  familiar with the area and asked the boys to show him the way and he  would take them home afterwards. He also stated that he would buy them  whatever they wanted if they agreed to show him. The youngest brother  got into the car with the man and they drove away. The older sibling ran  home and told his mother what had happened. The younger brother was not  heard from that night and a report was made to the police. The next day  a body was found in a dumpster behind a local garage. It was the  younger brother, who had been strangled to death and was nude.Imagine that you are the lead investigator in this case and develop a two to three (2-3) page investigation plan in which you:Outline the main steps that you would take immediately as it relates to the investigation of this case. Support your response.Propose  your methods for evidence collection. Next, predict the main evidence  that you would expect to find regarding the investigation of the death  of the boy and the arrest of the suspect. Support your response.Propose  the main investigative techniques that you would use to investigate the  murder in this case. Provide a rationale for your response.

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