Deviance is regarded as the behavior which is against the norms. Sociologists and biologists give contradicting theories about the causes of crime and deviance. The debate of nature v nurture has been coming along for decades and still, there has been no conclusion made. This paper assesses the explanation of crime and deviance along with the sociological and biological theories that talk about the causes. These theories are immensely credential and regarded as important to understand the causes and reach solutions to improving crime and deviance in a particular society.Every society has certain social order according to which the members are expected to, and to a certain extent forced, to follow. The social order of a society is the consensus of what is good and what is bad. what is acceptable and what is unacceptable. Certain behaviors are expected from everyone living in the same society but to ensure that everyone acts, in the same manner, is social order. Social control is the practice which the society regulates to ensure that the behaviors of the members are acceptable and ‘good’ (Hall, 2012, p. 43). Social controls can be applied formally and informally. Formal social control is applied and enforced by the legal authorities such as the police and by law while informal social control is applied through primary and secondary socialization including family, schools, media, etc (Innes, 2003, p. 76).Crime and deviance is the breaking of unwritten norms and laws. What is counted as criminal and deviant behavior has changed between societies and over the course of time, and thus depends entirely on the social situation in which the act has taken place. For example, deviant behavior would be when a woman in an Islamic society smokes but this would not be considered as deviance in a western society as the norms and values of both societies differ in this aspect (Hall, 2012, p. 43).

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