Diabetes Among Hispanics

This is the final version of the individual concept paper. It is from 8-10 pages and consists of an in-depth analysis of the health disparity at hand. However, you will devise an intervention based on your own involvement and experience with the cultural group you identified and describe why you think your strategy will work. You will also describe some data collection activities to evaluate if your intervention would work. Choose a cultural group that you feel you have an active identity around or involvement with For this community, introduce a health disparity Present data that supports your beliefs about a certain health disparity in a given population; Criteria Point Total Description of the community being studied? 5 pts Disparity within given population?? 5 pts Significance/outcome of disparity?? 10 pts Factors impacting disparity??? 10 pts Organized around ecological model 5 pts Length: Eight to ten double spaced pages 5 pts Intervention 2.5 pts Data Collection Justification 2.5 pts Mechanics (spelling, grammar, proper usage) 2.5 pts Citations/References (APA, minimum 5) 2.5 pts

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