Diet Analysis Project:

The paper is to be typed using APA format. All papers are due on the due date listed. This paper is composed of two parts. Part I is an analysis of current nutritional intake and recommendations for change. Part II is an example of the implementation of the change through the design of a menu.Part I: Diet AnalysisAnalyze your current nutritional intake. Make recommendations for change. Type the paper in paragraph form and include the following information:Diet History: Brief summary of yourself, include the following: Age and genderKilocalorie need: REE x activity factor (use 1.3) no stress factor (show equation) (see textbook) Vitamin and minerals: Those that are important for you and why.Meal PreferenceThree day food record – record everything consumed for three days.This may be placed in list form or a chart (please see APA manual as to how to include this in the paper) (Two week days and one weekend day works well)Analyze food record using My Fitness Pal. Include the info obtained from this web site. After examining the data, answer the following questions in the paper, in paragraph format.1.How does your kcal intake compare with your need?2.How does your intake of CHO, Protein, and Fat compare with your need?3.How does your intake of important vitamins/minerals compare with your need?Include suggested fitness and nutrition goals from my fitness pal and and include in the paper.Compare your three day food record to the goals by answering the following questions (again, in paragraph form).1.How does your intake compare with the My Plate recommendation (Chapter 1)?2.Based upon the analysis of your intake and comparison to My Plate (Chapter 1) (do you feel you need to make changes to your diet? Why or why not?3.If you need to make changes, what specifically will you change? Part II: Meal Plan – please create a chart for the menu.Develop a one-day menu for yourself that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and at least one snack.Include the changes you stated you were going to make to your intake from part I.

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