Digital Forensics

DIGITAL FORENSICS AND INFORMATION SECURITY Assignment OverviewThe focus of Case 4 is the examination of the concept of digital forensics and the main steps followed in the procedures for evidence gathering. The Background Info provides a list of the required and optional readings. When you have read through the articles along with research on other related material, compose a short paper on the topic (3-5 pages, not counting the cover and references): The most efficient process of gathering digit forensic evidence to track intrusion events. Case AssignmentIn preparing the Case Assignment, answer these questions: Describe the field of Computer Forensics. Develop a plan for gathering forensic evidence. Discuss your plan in the context of a small (less than 500 people) to a large global firm. Discuss some laws that govern the seizure of evidence in the United States and in the European Union. Assignment ExpectationsLength: Each page should have about 300 words. For more information read this:

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