Digital Marketing Roles

Imagine that you are looking for a job in digital marketing. What would your ideal position be? What type of company would you be interested in working for (think in terms of company size and company stage)? Write a short paragraph stating the following: The type of marketing you are interested in (content marketing, social media marketing, display advertising, etc.).  The kind of company you are interested in working at.  The business model and lifecycle stage of this potential company. If you need a refresher, return to this lesson on business lifecycle and models. (As a bonus, you may want to do some research and select a specific company to support your post.)  And your rationale for your choices above. Consider using your results from the 16 Personalities Test to explain some of your choices.  2-Imagine you are working in the marketing department of Zest Bars, a fictitious, medium-size company that makes energy bars. Your manager would like you to lead the process to define the company’s brand positioning strategy. When you review her proposal for how you should lead this process, there is no mention of performing a competitive analysis.  Prompt: Write a short paragraph responding to your manager’s suggested brand positioning strategy. Your response should include: A rationale for why the marketing team should analyze the competition. The specific value a competitive analysis can bring to the energy bar company.  Three specific steps the marketing team could take to begin the process of completing a competitive analysis.  Feel free to include specific names of energy bar competitors in your response to illustrate your argument to your manager.  3- Imagine you work in the marketing department of a medium-size outdoor apparel company. Your manager says that your marketing plan is to “sell to everyone.” Prompt Write a short paragraph describing how segmentation could make your marketing efforts more effective. In your response to your manager, provide at least one specific example of how using segmentation could more effectively reach customers. In addition, describe at least two specific action steps you would suggest taking in order to effectively segment your customers.

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