Discussion on Criminal Law

Criminal Law Forum                 It seems every week an interesting criminal case is brought to the public’s attention through the news media. The case could be interesting because it creates an interesting legal issue, involves a famous person, or the community has an interest in the proceeding.  Almost nightly, our contemporary culture examines criminal law through movies, television, or best-selling novels.   Do you believe that our culture is overly fascinated by criminal behavior while also trying to deter it? Are these two objectives in opposition to one another?   If the majority of society is composed of law-abiding people, and criminals compose a small minority of the population, then why does society take such an interest in criminal law? Do you believe that some people do not naturally think like a criminal, and they are only exposed to criminal thinking through media outlets? Sources may not be necessary but if any are used. Use only internet sources and include websites The answer can be up to one page it does not have to be one full page as long as questions are answered

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