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Read the below paragraph borrowed from https://www.cjr.org/tow_center_reports/the-case-for-media-impact.ph about the agenda-setting theory. Read more about agenda-setting theory through this link: https://masscommtheory.com/theory-overviews/agenda-setting-theory Researchers have long worked to identify and quantify the influence of the news media on individuals, society, and politics alike. In 1972 Max McCombs and Donald Shaw put forth their theory of Agenda Setting, which aimed to develop an empirical basis for how the media affected what the public paid attention to. Comparing the issues that the media emphasized in its coverage of the U.S. presidential election campaign and the issues that survey respondents recalled, the researchers found that the more the media covered an issue, the more audiences considered that issue to be important. Read the news article and write your thoughts based on the following key questions. You don’t have to stick to the following questions and you’re welcome to raise discussion questions by yourself: How has been the agenda-setting theory shown in media reports about the recent societal issues (e.g., COVID-19 pandemic or George Floyd protests)? What is issue “salience”? Provide definitions of issue salience within the agenda-setting framework. Provide explanations why US protests become a hot agenda (in other words, “salient issue”) in China and how this agenda may impact Chinese. You must have at least TWO citations per discussion post and response using APA format. Add references at the end of your post and response. Each discussion post is due by 12:00PM on the assigned day. All responses are due by 10:00PM on the same day. Any post after 2:00PM and responses after 10:00PM will NOT be counted. Each discussion post should be at least 350 words

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