Discussion Scenarios

Select two of the scenarios listed below and explain the best solution for each.  Include comments related to any ethical issues that arise.  You should locate at least one  case that has been decided or is currently pending to support your answer. Scenario 1 – Crimes Select 3 crimes from your state that you find unusual or interesting.  Educate the class about the crimes by providing the statute number and name and a summary of the law in your own words.  Pick one of the statutes and find one case decided in your state related to the statute.   (You must cite the actual statute, not a summary of the statute.) Scenario 2  – Torts and Crimes Tua, a former employee of “Built by Bama”,  entered the shop, claiming that the company owed him $300 in back wages.  Tua argued with the general manager, Nick.  After several minutes, Nick ordered Tua off the property.  Tua refused to leave, so Nick told two workers to escort him off the property.  Tua ran to his truck, but on the way, he grabbed some equipment valued over $200 and drove away.  Tua refused to return the equipment until he was paid. Discuss whether Tua has committed any torts or crimes If the workers had forcibly kicked Tua off the property, would the two workers or “Built by Bama” be guilty of assault and battery?  Explain. Scenario 3— Intellectual Property Professor Karin teaches business law for Harvnard University, a for-profit school in Tampa. Several times during the semester, Professor Karin made copies of articles and distributed them to her students. The son of one of the article’s authors was a student in her class. The son told his father about the professor’s copying, which took place without the father’s or publisher’s permission. Professor Karin also copied images from the Internet to use in her Powerpoint presentations. Most of the images were not in the public domain and no attributions to sources were provided.

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