District Leadership

Choose two of the four prompts below. Completely answer, in essay format, the two selected prompts. Upload your response as one document utilizing Microsoft Word format through Blackboard by Sunday, August 16, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. CDT. Your response should be limited to 3-5 pages. You may utilize your textbooks, the PowerPoint presentations, and any notes you may have taken during the class meetings. Remember to cite any references.   1.     Define Curriculum and Instruction. What is the relationship that exists between these terms? In your discussion compare and contrast the prescriptive and descriptive curriculum including each of the components associated with the written curriculum. 2.     Five levels of curriculum development and responsibility exist. What are these levels? Provide a description of each level including the role, functions, and responsibilities of each level. Evaluate the role of district leadership regarding these five levels. 3.     Seven types of curriculum have been identified in our class meetings and in the textbooks. Describe each of these seven types of curriculum and analyze the relationship between these curricula types. Synthesize the role of the principal regarding the seven curricula types. 4.     Several stages of curriculum development and implementation have been examined in which principals must show leadership. These include, but are not limited to, the development of scope and sequence, program goals, and objectives; the determination of learning outcomes; and, the creation of authentic tasks in order to measure outcomes. Analyze the interrelationships that exist between these stages and evaluate the role of the principal in leading through these stages of curriculum development.

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