Diversification Policies

CLO3. Analyze the development and diversification policies of GCC states in areas of business, education, and localization for socioeconomic development. CLO4. Compare the GCC performance and achievements with other regional trading blocks and unions.CLO5. Evaluate the GCC competitiveness performance at the Global level. Format of the report: Select any GCC member country of your choice.Index(Covering CLO3)1 Introduction about the country –very brief.2 Gross domestic product of the country (Nominal and Real)-Compare from 2015 to 2019 and the latest year available-make some tables and graphs3 Export-Import (2014 to 2020)4 Unemployment- for these comparable years-table and graph (2015 to 2020)5 Inflation in the country for these years (2015-to 2020) table and graph6 Transformation in Education, and Health sector7 Diversification from Oil-based to non-oil based sector8 Localization programmers(Covering CLO4 )9 Compare the GCC performance for last 5 years (member country’s GDP nominal and real term) with other regional trading block or union (European Union or G7 or G20 BRICs). (Covering CLO5 ) 10 Evaluate GCC member country competitiveness performance (in term of development) at the global level. 11 References (The assignment should be discussing these points and should between 15-20 pages)  Plagiarism will be checked For more information onDiversification Policies  read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agricultural_diversification

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