Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusion of students with disabilities into the regular education classroom, is an important component of IDEA. Read arguments regarding inclusion (both pros and cons) from both of the websites listed below and write a response regarding inclusion and whether you believe it is practical or not. Including Students with Disabilities in General Education Classrooms Inclusion: The Pros and Cons Part two- The topic we will have this week and in the coming weeks is advocacy. I have included a case study. It is a real 504 plan. Briefly- what happened was this student received a D in his English class, the first D ever. The problem is there are safeguards in the 504 that were not followed. You can read along in the narrative and see just how long it takes for an advocate to get things addressed (Yes, this is an actual narrative from emails and meetings). What are your thoughts about what happened? Was the procedure followed? If you were the parent, what are your options? Any surprises? /content/enforced/21320-436219/Week 2 case study 504 Plan..docx /content/enforced/21320-436219/Week 2 case study part two.docx. 

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