Diversity Term Paper

Diversity Term Paper–This coursediscusses a number of diversity issues in relation to our past and current criminal justice system. You are required to submit anAPA formatted term paper addressing one of these issues (i.e. disproportionate minority confinement, capital punishment, sentencing disparities, etc.). You will address the issue and indicate potential policy implications to alleviate the problem. All information should be based on empirical evidence/prior research…and is not based on mere opinionof an issue. You should have at least15 academic/empirical references included within your text. Term papers are due by midnight August 2nd.The term papershould be at least 7pages (reference page/title page not included in page requirement), is to be double spaced, 12 point font, and Times New Romans typed.Online sources such as Wikipedia will not be credited; visit the Tarleton State University library journal article database for credible online sources(Google Scholaris also helpful). The format and style of the paper mustfollow the American Psychological Association (APA) Manual. The title page and reference page not included in the page number requirement.

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