Do college athletes deserve to be paid?

writing a awareness project and the topic is ” should college athletes get paid?”  the content of the text must be substantial and carefully assembled. I  have to turn in two separate elements each element is half of my grade. the pages has to be 2-4 pages double spaced. the  Process of the essay -do research as to what you need to do to make this text a good argument. -based upon your work create the text. -once the text is done.Write the essay that discusses what you hoped to achieve in the text , how did you achieve it, (i.e. the rthtorical choices you made) and how your soures informed the work that you did. some possible. genres include  – powerpoint -info-graphic -speech -song prom spoken word performance  -blog -letter -painting dialogue or short play  -some combination OF THE GENRE  -other options are possible . use your creativity in selecting one

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