Does media violence cause violent behavior?

Your essay must include the following: 1. A title page 2. Introduction paragraph and thesis statement 3. Topic background paragraph that presents both sides of the debate 4. Body consisting of three claim paragraphs and supporting evidence 5. Conclusion paragraph 6. APA style reference page The Title Page The first page of your essay will be the title page. Provide the following information: The title of your research essay Your name and student ID “SSC130: Essentials of Psychology” Exam number “Penn Foster College” Current date Formatting Format your essay following American Psychological Association (APA) style using 12 pt. Times New Roman font. Set your paragraph line spacing to 2.0, double-spacing. Use 1 inch margins. Include a Copyright Penn Foster, Inc. 2019 Page 3 Course Version: 2 header with a shortened title in ALL CAPS on the left and the page number on the right. In-text citations and the reference page must be in APA style. On this page list websites, journals, and all other references used in preparing the submission. Also include a cover page and in-text citations. For assistance with this project and APA intext citations and references, please see the Biology page in the Penn Foster Virtual Library ( . Remember that grammar counts! Be sure to reread, revise and proofread your essay for polished English grammar, spelling, capitalization, spacing, and mechanics.

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