Domestic Issues

The topic must be contemporary. It is neither a history paper nor a biography. The paper must be on a domestic issue, no foreign relations, etc. The writing style must be a Position Paper. The point is that the paper is based on your research. The paper must include a “Work Cited” page (which is not part of the word/page count), not a Bibliography. Please be aware that “Wikipedia” and any foreign website are not an acceptable resource and MAY NOT be used as a source for your paper. WEB CITATIONS MUST INCLUDE THE “URL.”All citations are subject to verification by the instructor. Failure to include URL’s will result in an automatic reduction of points! WORD COUNT MUST BE ON FRONT PAGE MUST HAVE A “WORK CITED” PAGE NOT A BIBLIOGRAPHYMUST HAVE URL in all citations on Work Cited page (you may not merely cite “Web” MUST SHOW WHEN YOU ACCESSED ALL SOURCES.NO FOREIGN WEBSITES USED A SOURCES. (.uk, .ca, .au, .eu……etc.)NO SOURCES CITED THAT ARE MORE THAN FIVE (5) YEARS OLDNO ENCYCLOPEDIAS OR WIKIPEDIA CITED AS A SOURCE My Topic: Domestic issues -Jobs, my position on this issues is the imbalance between work and home life.

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