Domestic or International Terrorist Organization

Part 1 – Select a domestic or international terrorist organization that threatens the U.S. homeland and complete a profile of that organization. The group profile should be approximately 50 percent of the final paper and must include a discussion of the group’s ideology, targeting, tactics, capability, and overall goals, analysis of attacks, and any statements or propaganda released by the group. Make sure you have enough information on the group to address all these factors and how it affects the US homeland.A foreign terrorist group for this project must be on the official list of foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs) maintained by the U.S. Department of State. In the case of domestic terrorist groups, there is no sanctioned list from which to choose, but the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has made significant arrests from several groups that would fit the description of a domestic terrorist group. The FBI also names many other groups in congressional testimony. Materials presented in the first module, as well as recent news and congressional testimony, are good sources of information on how to identify domestic groups for this project.Part 2 – Use the group profile to conduct an analysis and explain why strategy would be difficult and what paradox you may or may not encounter. Include those areas that creates a paradox from Section 2 Chapter 9, U.S. Army War College Guide to National Security Policy and Strategy. This analysis should begin with an introduction and explanation of the policy, strategy, and tactics. If you find the policy deficient, make specific recommendations for policy change to counter the threat. If you deem the policy sufficient to counter the threat, explain the rationale for your conclusion.Your finished project, including both elements of the paper, should be approximately 8 double-spaced pages, not including the cover or reference pages but including the abstract, submitted as one document. Make sure you present an introduction and a conclusion tying together both aspects of the paper.**One a separate pages with separate references in 300 words. Why did you choose this group and what threat or harm do they impose on American citizens at home and around the world?

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