Domestic Violence

1.     Decide on a topic that will benefit you. Check with me if your topic is not on the list above) 2.     Why is this topic a serious safety concern, how prevalent is this topic? (USE STATISTICS TO SUPPORT YOUR ANSWER) 3.     What is your goal? Beside yourself who else would be an appropriate target population for this safety concern 4.     Assess your current behavior or physical setting and decide what works well and what keeps you safe. (list and discuss) 5.     Consider areas in which you would like to make changes.  After each suggestion write about how you will go about making that change. 6.      What obstacles/barriers did you find were an issue in making a change. (ie cost, time – be specific) Be specific on what obstacles/barriers would affect your target population (these may include the same ones that affect your or they may be different) (Example:  we all know that owning a CO detector significantly lower the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.  Why would individuals not purchase one for their home?)   Discussion may include any or all of the following: a)      Psychological or emotional state of the individual performing the task may influence the possible behavior change b)     Individual may have difficulty in performing any activity or not have the ability level to change the outcome. c)      There may be a condition or influence of the environment that may challenge the outcome of the behavior. This answer should include why people behave unsafely in regards to your topic.   7.     Why do you feel these changes are important? What are the current standards, recommendations to keep you safe with your choice of topic? (example would include why bicycle or motorcycle helmets are important – what the data on injuries with and without?)  (Include statistics on the prevalence and the types of injuries that occur because of this safety issue, and do not forget to document your resources) (document your sources) 8.      How can we stop people from behaving unsafely? 9.       How can we change attitudes about safety?  (Example: feelings about the use of protective gear) 10.   Are there any current laws or safety rules that apply to your topic? 11.   What community resources are available to assist this target population? 12.    Add your personal opinion on the topic and consider adding other information that you found to be really important. 13.  List all resources you used during this project and make sure you site any statistics used.

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