Dominant-Minority Relations

Your Presentation must do the following: 1)    Describe and illustrate a historical example occurring in the U.S. between colonial times to WWII that demonstrates the development of dominant-minority relations for TWO different disadvantaged groups (groups may include those based on race, gender, ethnicity, class, country of origin, religion, or another status relevant to stratification). 2)    Analyze the ways in which the two disadvantaged groups you chose to cope with discrimination and prejudice today. For example, have they created anti-defamation leagues, lobbied for changes in laws, created a social movement, or taken other measures toward non-discrimination and equality? (at least 2 peer-reviewed journal articles no more than five years old)   3)    Define and analyze two concepts (for example racism, sexism, stratification, patriarchy, etc.) from our course materials, explaining how these concepts help us better understand the two groups you are discussing. 4)    Define and analyze two sociological theories (for example, feminist theory, critical race theory, conflict theory, symbolic interactionism, functionalist theory, etc.)

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