Dressing Change

Assignment Objectives:

1. Demonstrate effective use of technology to select evidence-based articles for peer-reviewed nursing journals.

2.Critique evidence-based article to determine outcome of research.

3.Compare/contrast evidence-based practice with current nursing practice. (EBP, QI, Safety)

This assignment will require you to read an assigned nursing intervention policy (dressing change) and search the literature for 3 evidenced based, peer-reviewed, current ( no greater then 5 years)

RESEARCH articles regarding the intervention (dressing change)- one article may be a meta-analysis or systematic review of the literature ( do not choose an opinion article). You will have to decide based on chosen literature if the policy/procedure guidelines reflect EBP. Your decision will be presented in a scholarly APA paper – page limit 2 pages.

The summaries should consist of one-two paragraphs discussing the research outcomes, one-two paragraphs comparing or contrasting the findings to the policy, and a one to two paragraphs conclusion stating if the policy is in agreement with the research or not. Information should be written in your own words (paraphrasing ) and should be cited in APA format.

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