E-Crime from Across the World

1- What is cybercrime? 2- The reasons for the emergence and development of electronic crimes. 3- The stages of development of electronic crimes and the extent of their difference with other types of crimes. 4- Types of cybercrime and methods of confronting them. What are the definitions of these crimes and how are the UK government facing them? A: Electronic crimes against individuals and money. B: Crimes of threats and extortion A: Fraud and fraud crimes. D: Crimes against intellectual and literary property rights. F: Crimes against the security and safety of states. K: Crimes of money laundering and illegal trade. Y: Terrorist crimes. 5: Methods to combat cybercrime in the United Kingdom 6: How the UK engages in politics. And internationally and legally in the face of electronic crimes. 7: Does the United Kingdom still follow the European Union in facing cyber crimes legally after its exit from the European Union?   I need 50 sources  Sources  • Books with. number of pages  • Journals • Newspapers • Court cases and legal documents • Online resources

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