E-Portfolio and Pitch Critique

Critique a peer’s e-­portfolio and pitch by providing feedback using the assigned rubric. Prompt Examine the work of one of the peers with which you linked to in Week 5. You will be looking at the following elements:   Completeness of Portfolium profile Correctness (absence of errors such as typos or spelling errors) Incorporation of quality artifacts Research on the basics of e-portfolios and the importance today of networking sites Instructions: Create a PowerPoint presentation to relay findings to your classmate. Your presentation should be 8-10 slides in length.  In your presentation, you must include the following: Title slide Agenda slide At least four content slides Reference slide with a minimum of 5 sources Questions slide  Detailed speaker notes should be provided in the speaker notes section of the slide, or you can do a video of yourself giving the presentation.  If you are unaware of how to do the notes pages on the slide, please follow the following link provided in Supporting Materials Add Speaker Notes to Your PowerPoint Presentation (Quick Video). https://business.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-add-speaker-notes-to-powerpoint–cms-27976

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