Early Medieval

Topics: From Early Medieval era c. 1000s AD up to the beginning of the Modern Era c. 1550s AD Annotated Bibliography #2Requirements:Must have 4-6 academic sources (NO: Textbooks,  Book Reviews, News Papers, Encyclopedias, .com, political.orgs, or the  like). Do not use any random internet searches-it is a waste of time  unless you are an expert and none of them would even start with the web  except for general ideas. Go straight to our library’s webpage and  search databases and books. There are millions of sources there, many of  which can be read online.Must Use at least 1-2 academic books/chapters (no text books), and 1-2 academic articles from peer reviewed journals.Articles should be at least 10-20 pages for proper analysis. The  JSTOR database is the best Valencia offers, also Project MUSE is good.  Avoid ABC-CLIO and journals like “History Today” as they are often too  Gen Ed (jr. high level).Make sure secondary sources are up to date, 25-50 years old at most.  Primary sources should be up to date as far as the edition theyare  printed in.Use Chicago Style Annotated Bibliography format

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