Earth Charter Actions Around the World

DIRECTIONS Answer all questions. Submission should be at least one full page double spaced. Visit and read stories about how people are implementing the Earth Charter in a variety of ways: Once on this page of the Earth Charter, investigate how different people, groups and organizations around the world are getting involved and implementing the Earth Charter in Youth Groups, in Education, in the Arts, Businesses, in Cities and Towns, in Policy Arenas and Governance, and in Spiritual/Faith Communities. Spend some time reading different stories from each of these factions of societies around the world, and then Chose one that resonates with your own interests. Given your own particular interests, choose one story that you think is exceptionally promising in promoting Earth Charter Principles and think about why you find that story particularly compelling. Respond to the following question/prompt: Given what you have seen on this web site, do you consider the activity of the various groups, organizations, institutions, and countries to be part of the Sustainability (r)evolution that we are reading about this week? If so, explain within the context of our readings. If not, explain in detail why not (5-8 complete sentences) Which specific action (by a group, or organization, or institution, or country) impressed you the most? What is the action being taken and what sort of successes do you think that action will have in spreading the principles of sustainability in that region of the world? (5-8 complete sentences)

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