Earth Science Exploration

Your final project presentation will be focused on a topic that you select from the NASA Science, Solar System Exploration website. You can find the link in Unit 8 directly below this assignment tab. Research and select one major topic area from the menu tabs on the top right are of the home page. (Solar Systems, Planets, Moons, Asteroids, Comets, Meteors). Provide a thorough review of your topic, include statistical data, location, distance, composition, biologicals, and provide pictures and any current data if applicable. You will also find one peer-reviewed journal article pertaining to your selected topic. Be sure to provide a URL for your journal article. Submit your presentation to this area when complete. Presentation requirements: Title Page (1 page) Introduction (1- 2 pages) Body of Information (4 – 8 pages, including pictures) Data (1 – 2 pages, including charts) Analysis (1 – 2 pages, including charts) Conclusions (1 – 2 pages) References (as many as needed) APA style

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