East West Bank

Write a paper about East West Bank. Share information about the history and mission description of the intermediary you specify. Usually, the mission statement contains a description of the company’s functions. Some mission statements include information about the company’s market and competitive advantages, and an organizational structure outlines how certain activities are aimed at achieving the organization’s goals. A successful organizational structure defines the work of each employee and its position in the overall structure. What products/services does your financial intermediary provide. Intermediary’s customer base and marketing strategies. Who does the intermediary serve? What are the main assets and liabilities of your financial intermediary? Your financial intermediary income. How does covid-19 affect your intermediary? What have intermediaries done to support their employees since the beginning of the pandemic As a reminder, here are the formatting requirements for the paper: ·  limited to 4 pages (First 3 pages describe your intermediary; the last page summarizes the news).  · 12-point font and double spaced. · One-inch margins and APA style of citation (CITE ALL SOURCES). · At least 2 recent scholarly sources published after 2010; other sources could be your textbook, the internet, library, statistical data, etc.  For more information on East West Bank read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/East_West_Bank

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