Economics in the 1970

This assignment is a continuation of what has already been completed. I have uploaded milestones 1 and 2 (combined). Milestone 3 should flow cohesively with the work that has already been done. FRED ( is a required source. These graphs can be downloaded to an excel file and reformatted in excel to fit the style of the presentation. Add whatever new references that you use to the current references in the correct APA format and add new reference slides if necessary. PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS AND COMMUNICATE WITH ME IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS. Tips from the instructor: You need to understand the followings: Define monetary policy and the Federal Reserve monetary policy goals Understand how Federal Reserve monetary policy actions influence market interest rates Evaluate how expansionary and contractionary monetary policy actions affect the equilibrium real GDP and the price level in the short run Determine the maximum potential extent that the money supply will change following a Federal Reserve monetary policy action Study the Phillips curve and understand the relationship between unemployment and inflation

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