Effect of Extra Curricular Activities

I am conducting a research on the effect of extra curricular activities on students holistic development.

I will be needing two page questions to submit to test this. One for the teachers and for the students.
The questions should be on what time of extra curricular activities did they attend and what holistic skills did they develop, we can talk about problem solving skill, interpersonal skills, time management etc. however the questions shouldn’t be direct questions, so I will need a title before the question like problem solving skills, and then the questions shouldn’t be direct, like what challenge did you overcome while attending the activity,

For the teachers, I want to know their insights as supervisors what positive changes did they see in the students and what skills did they develop.

Maybe also ask a questions on what type of extra curricular activities would they like to see more and why isn’t it implemented more in schools and their suggestion on how we can implement it.

If you need any clarification feel free to write for me and I will get back to you

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