Effective Communication Methods

Review the articles: a.” What some ways to effectively communicate research findings to the rest of my facility So I can make needed changes in our clinical practices” by Flaugher b. “Mixed methods research So far easier said than done?” by Mengshoel Discuss the following prompts: 1. Describe in detail the methods of communication listed by  Flaugher and explain which type of communication you might use for your chosen meta analysis and why you chose that method of communication. 2. The article by Mengshoel discuss how mixed methods studies can used for a study on associate degree registered nurses anxiety about obtaining a bachelor degree  in nursing, 3.Conduct a search for a meta analysis style article. Identify and describe the topic that has been used in the meta analysis you found. Why was a meta-analysis used versus some other ty[e of study? Attach a link to your article with your posting.

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