Effects of Alcohol on the College Performance

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Effects of Alcohol on the College Performance. Your paper should be a minimum of 3750 words in length. The purpose of this study is to test alcohol effects by carrying out an independent Research Experiment entailing the services of 30 students (of more or less similar IQs and backgrounds) from the local University, 15 girls and 15 boys (out of which 7 girls and 7 boys are teetotalers). Their average age was 17 years and they had no previous history of alcoholism-related problems. The experiment was preceded by research questionnaires and personal interviews conducted on individual respondents and recorded for later study. The findings of the experiments conducted proved beyond doubt that “alcohol is a powerful drug that slows down the body and mind. It impairs coordination. slows reaction time. and impairs vision, clear thinking, and judgment.

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