Effects of Video Games

i have to write a research paper on the effects video games can have on children. with technology advancements are humans at a risk? an video gaming be beneficial ?Look at files for more instructions.Reviewing Essential Features of writing an Effective Research PaperI am writing what we discussed in class last week:Cover Page: The Title of your Essay followed by your name, the LaGuardia Course number and section number (HUP 102. ) and your e-mail address.Write a half page Introduction to your Essay explaining why you picked this topic and briefly what you will emphasize.5-5.5 pages which is the body of your essay. Make every effort to present your research and ideas in a logical order.. A final page entitled: Conclusion. Here you can express your conclusions and your own judgment about the issue you discussed.Bibliography: I am just reviewing here what we have gone over before: This is the correct way to list a source: last name, first name of the author. Then the name of the article. Be sure to put it in quotations. IF it is a book underline the name of the book. Then provide the source, the date of publication and where relevant the pages. Here is an example:Davidson, Helen “Gentrification in Brooklyn 1985-1990” The Journal of City Planning, June 1993, pages 45-48If it is a New Paper article you would put in quotations “The New York Times” July 7 2018. AFTER the authors’ name.If you use Wikipedia do it this way: Wikipedia “Article on Gentrification”When quoting in the body of your essay put in parenthesis: “Davidson, page 47). You do not need to type out the full details of the source because you do that in the Bibliography page!

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