Electric Potential Calculation

can you show working for these  q1: Charge Q1=+19.3 microC and of mass m=16.8 g is released from rest towards the fixed charge Q2=-57.9 microC . Find speed of Q1 at distance d=4.4 cm from Q2. Give answer is m/s. q2: Find work which is required to bring three charges of Q=9.5 microC each from infinity and place them into the corners of a triangle of side d=2.2 cm. Give answer in J. q3: An insulated spherical conductor of radius R1= 14.6 cm carries charge Q1=+10.4 mC. Second spherical conductor of radius R2=25.2 cm carries initial negative charge of Q2=-16.9 mC. At some moment these two spheres were connected with the long connecting wire. What is the charge of the sphere #1 after everything came to equilibrium? Give answer in mC.

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