Electronic dance music

write an article on electronic dance music Paper must be at least 1750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! A good piece of electronic music should be technically well executed. It should be free of extraneous notes and nuances of any kind that do not contribute to the communication of the musical ideas intended in the composition of the song.According to Paradiso (2013), an electronic musical composition should also exploit a variety of elements of music, such as rhythm, harmony, and melody. Good music should impose a feeling of musicality. The piece of work has to invoke a desire for body movement that corresponds to the gestures in the sound. Besides, it should satisfy the formal organization to the way the gestures are presented and developed in the composition. The two songs were composed following all the guidelines, with the help of the producer and the director of the music.The aim of composing the two songs was to exercise creative imagination for sound by utilizing new compositional techniques. The objective of the composition is to emphasize the achievement of the highest possible level of skills in musical composition. The two songs were also composed to expand awareness of the richness and diversity of contemporary music in the society and also in the music industry by producing a substantial portfolio of compositions.The structure also helped to move toward the acquisition of a personal musical language by developing skills in practical notation and working with specific music composition software, for this case, LOGIC PRO-X.Composing the two songs was done using LOGIC PRO-X software. Logic Pro X software is a complete professional virtual recording studio collaborating with a highly skilled beat program to perfect songs and dance tracks. When composing the songs with Logic Pro X speed and ease of capturing ideas were the key critical factors.Composing the first song (MDMA) started by programming drum beats using the connected MIDI keyboard on the software (Paradiso, 2013).

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