Elements of the Paper Framework

For this in-class writing assignment, you were asked to read “The Fireman” by Rick Bass. Write an essay that analyzes “The Fireman” as a story about marriage. Note: Specifically, do you think the reader is expected to view Kirby and Mary Ann’s marriage as a good one? Why or why not?  Requirements Consider the prompt carefully. Be sure you understand what is being asked.  Craft an argument – with corresponding thesis – that responds directly to the prompt.  Support your thesis with insightful analysis – including effective quotations from the text. Cite your quotes from the text by placing the line number in parentheses after your quote. For example:  As Dr. Seuss wrote, “I do not like green eggs and ham” (126). Organize and structure your essay to align with the 10 elements of the paper framework discussed in class.  Include an introduction paragraph and a concluding paragraph, as well as two or three body paragraphs – each providing a single point to support your thesis. A title is optional. Display a strong grasp of writing mechanics (e.g., grammar, punctuation, syntax, structure). Write using third-person perspective. Do not write using first- or second-person perspective. Budget your time. Save enough time and energy to proofread your essay well.

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