Here is what you should do:1. print a copy of this wordy email 2. read it3. go back and begin crossing out all of the unnecessary words and eliminate the BIZ-SPEAK4. when you are done, go back and cross out a few MORE words – then cross out a few MORE5. rewrite the email so it is clean, fast, and says exactly what it needs to say. (Of course, there is no correct response and answers will vary.) If you have to add a word here or there or move something around a bit for clarity, please do so.6. save your new, improved email/homework as a word (doc) file or pdf file and submit your rewritten email by clicking aboveLet’s see how many words you can eliminateWant a hint??? I recommend crossing out SIX words in the GREETING, ten words in the first line, and 12 more in the second line!!! Yes , there are LOTS of extra and unnecessary words.YOU SHOULD FIND AT LEAST 75 WORDS TO ELIMINATE – EASILY! This should indicate to you how many EXTRA words there are in this email. 

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